AV Cyberspace is a full service creative video production and post production agency

Our Solutions

At AV Cyberspace we focus on offering our clients complete
video solutions

The following are the five main sectors under which we group our filming and editing solutions. Each section applies to various categories including events, corporate videos, adverts, music videos, documentaries and weddings.


Aerial Videography

The maltese islands offer the best setting for aerial photography and videography works. The wide selection of settings be it coastline, countryside, built up residential or commercial areas and cultural heritage sites, have made Malta a very attractive location for film companies to use Malta for their productions. With the advent of drone technology, aerial photography has become more affordable than ever.

Av Cyberspace offers a complete range of aerial videography services using the latest drone technology available on the market. We use drones to provide high quality footage which provide, never seen before angles that make your video project even more eye catching and versatile. We use this technology in practically any setting or business including real estate, documentaries, cultural heritage, outdoor and indoor event organisation.

Our drone fleet allows us to complete your job with incredible 4K video and stunning high resolution photography. We can fly just about anywhere.


Studio Filming

When projects require studio filming we can make use of a fully equipped TV Studio. The studio is  equipped with four cameras, grid lighting and chroma-keying; six video editing suites (three of which in HD) and portable video and still photography equipment.

Professional Audio Recording

AV Cyberspace has its own in house purpose built audio recording studio which allows us to record high quality audio to be used in our projects be it;

  • voice overs for documentaries,
  • web video,
  • podcasts
  • audio guide creation,
  • radio and TV adverts

We can also capture high quality audio off site whilst filming, such as interviews. TV productions and TV advert filming. Over the years we have been commissioned to film and record some of the biggest DJs and music artists whilst performing in Malta.



Interactive 360 photography and videography

AV Cyberspace creates bespoke 360 degree virtual tours.  Since 2006 we have been producing high quality immersive 360 degree virtual tours for a wide variety of clients including real estate agencies, showrooms, manufacturing companies and  cultural heritage sites.  Together with our 360
o immersive photography we embed virtual mapping solutions allowing the user to move from one hotspot to another within the immersive 360 degree virtual tours. The creation of a 22 hotspot virtual tour for the Mdina Metropolitan Chapter museum is one latest 360o projects we have recently launched.  The high resolution 360o  photography combined with the virtual tour navigation software allows the user to experience a truly immersive virtual tour of the location being viewed.  We are currently experimenting with 360o videography which will be launched in 2018. Our virtual tours are fully optimised to work on mobile devices.


Post Production starts the minute the camera stops rolling. Once all the filming is done, we start off by preparing all the digital assets, which may involve transcoding and preparing the RAW files.

This is followed by logging and selecting the scenes we will be working with. Following this the dedicated task of video editing starts, which includes inserting transition effects, working with voice and sound actors, and dubbing, to name a few of the many pre-production tasks. Post-production is the third and final step in film creation. This is where we let our creativity run wild.